Major Types of Pillow Covers

By | June 3, 2011

Pillows gives us lot of comfort while sleeping only when they are maintained in a proper way. If their shape is deformed or they are looking shabby with dirt and dust we cannot have a nice sleep. Even decorative pillows need to be maintained properly. The only way to protect pillows is by using pillow covers. They will be available in different models and designs and we can choose them depending on our taste.

There are three major types of pillow covers. They are the Zipper Style, Envelope Style and the Disposable pillows.

Zipper style: This kind of style is followed for all types of pillow. In this Zipper style we can find a Zippered opening at one end of the pillow. This helps in easy insertion of pillow without much difficulty. While purchasing these kind of pillows make sure that Zips are of high quality otherwise they don’t work properly after a couple of washes. And it is better if you hand wash them rather putting them in to the washing machine.

Envelope Style: This is the most commonly used style of pillow covers. There will be an overlapping slit in the middle or at one end of the pillow cover. We have to insert the pillow and just need to adjust the overlapping slit. These pillow covers are easy to use as well as easy to wash.

Disposable Covers: A disposable pillow cover is made of disposable material and is different from the ordinary pillow covers which are made of fabric. These pillow covers are mostly used in hospitals, hotels, air lines and for journey purposes. These pillow covers are meant for single usage and hence protects us from infections. Because they are made of plant fibers they are environmental friendly too.

So while choosing pillow covers it is always better to give first preference to the quality and texture of the fabric rather than to the design.