Orangery Design Ideas for Multiple Purposes

By | December 4, 2011

An orangery makes it possible to turn your home into a new stylish property. It is a creative way of adding an extra living space in your garden or outdoor area. Building an orangery is a popular home extension project. Earlier, orangeries were considered constructions to grow plants. However, the purpose and style of orangeries has changed a lot. Unique design ideas make orangeries more elegant and applicable for different purposes.

A kitchen orangery is the best extension project when you wish to have a stylish kitchen. The solid walls of an orangery make a perfect base for the kitchen. It’s even more fascinating to look at the elegant glass panel ceiling. Consider the essential preparation work like drainage, plumbing, electrical appliances necessary for a kitchen orangery.

Another creative design to build an orangery is to use it as a playroom. An orangery playroom provides extra space for kids. You can design it to store the children’s toys and teddies. It can also be planned to provide a space for kids to watch their favorite television programs. It is also an ideal source of fun for family as you can enjoy with your kids in the orangery in the evenings.Miniature Houses

Orangery living rooms are more popular these days because of the feel of space provided by them. The glass ceiling of the room makes it look more bigger. Add striking decorations to the room for providing beautiful and aesthetic appearance. Also, include elegant furniture that suits the needs and structure of your orangery.

The orangery design can be as unique as you want. Have you ever thought of having dinner in an orangery? It’s more interesting to add an orangery dining room as a home extension. Your family can gather in the room for meals. It even impresses your guests to have an excellent dine in an orangery that gives a pleasant feel of dining in a garden. Be imaginative to build an orangery in more designs and get a perfect addition to your home.