Emergency Light Sticks Ideal for Military Purposes

By | September 21, 2011

Glow sticks are the elegant lighting sources most probably thought to be used for recreation and entertainment. However, they are even used for handling emergencies in dark. Certain special characteristics of light sticks make them ideal for military purposes.

As the glow sticks are made of plastic, they are very much light in weight. So, it is easy to handle during any sort of emergencies. They are also easy to carry and are handy. They contain chemicals which are non toxic and even the glow sticks are non-flammable. They are even water-proof and can be used underwater. Glow sticks are, therefore, perfect for military operations in land, water and air. Light sticks can be attached to a tree or any other objects and used as route markers. Red colored light sticks are generally used as hazard markers in military land operations. Glow sticks can also be used as leader markers where a mini light stick is used on back of helmet with color code for each leader in the squad.

Sea, ship and marine operations in dark are aided by simple light sticks. They act as rescue light and help in ship evacuation in emergencies. Light sticks are used as boat markers and life raft markers. For providing light for berthing areas, you can hang light sticks of 4 inches or 6 inches. Many air-flight operations in military make use of the little chemical glow sticks. They are used as drop zone markers by placing 6 inch light sticks in desired location. They even serve as free fall markers where they can be taped to legs and even attached on helmet for jump safety. Special glow sticks called infrared light sticks are even used in various military operations. These are used for seeing objects in dark which are not generally seen by the naked eye. Special night vision infrared equipment is required for visibility. Therefore, light sticks help a lot in military operations in night.