Things to Consider When Choosing Quartz Kitchen Countertops

By | December 5, 2011

Adding beautiful countertops to the kitchen is an integral part of kitchen improvement or remodeling. You have a wide range of choices of countertops for your kitchen among which one is quartz countertops. They are very much attractive and bring a new look to your kitchen. Moreover, they are non-porous and hence, are resistant to stains ensuring the natural beauty for a long time. However, it is necessary to keep in mind certain things when choosing quartz kitchen countertops.

Quartz countertops, unlike natural stone countertops, are engineered. They contain about 90% of quartz and the remaining ones constitute resin materials. It is the content or composition that changes the texture of the quartz countertops. Consider the components of the material when choosing these countertops for your kitchen. The resin binders present in them fill all the cracks and crevasses between the quartz crystals and hence, make the mixture non-porous. This determines the capability of resistance to staining. Therefore, remember to consider the resin amounts during the selection.

The elegant countertops are available in various finishes ranging from highly polished ones to the ones with a textured stone effect. Choose the one based on your personal needs or preferences. They are even found in different shades of colors with varied patterns. Based on the lifestyle of the kitchen select the color of the countertop. In addition, using unique patterned surfaces to give a stylish look is also in your hands. Another important thing to be considered is the durability of quartz countertops. Unlike granite, they are resistant to stains. However, it is better to include a sealant to ensure a beautiful long life. Also, consider the price range of the different textures of quartz countertops. Remember to keep in mind the maintenance costs too and then take a right decision.