Consumer Electronics Sales Increase During Holidays

By | February 27, 2012

Consumer electronics have the majority sales in the retail outlets as well as in the market, According to the market force survey, consumer electronics sales are increasing gradually. Particularly in holidays the sales of these appliances are increasing rapidly, especially in the category of video game appliances. This market survey was conducted by Market Intelligence Solutions on what are the popular things for holiday sales and what are the factors influencing in holidays sales improvement.

In the year 2011, the sales of consumer electronics dominated the market particularly in holidays, the sales grew up greatly. Most of the surveys explained that the sales of home appliances like entertainment, communication appliances, etc. have increased. Majority of the survey reports reported the increased sales digits as – televisions and DVD was around 31%, smart phones and digital cameras sales 24% and 23%, tablets and iPods were with 21% and 20%.

According to the market force information, the retail auditing, sales tools and proprietary decision sales tools explained on sight sales were helpful in creating better relationship with customers and in increasing customer loyalty.