Consequences of Unhealthy Living

By | April 11, 2014

Generally people count good issues and ignore the bad ones. But we forget the fact that if you see negative effects of a particular thing, it reminds us that they have to be worked out. Same principle apply even for health.

People tend to overlook care of self. They do not know what happens if good health is not maintained. Let us discuss the consequences of unhealthy.

Victim for diseases – If you do not take care of your health, neglect medication or improper hygienic conditions, it leads disease-like condition and therefore ill-health.

Health issues may range from simple cold to severe cancers, but what that matters is how you prevent them.

To stay healthy, free from diseases, proper food, good sleep, exercise (physical and mind exercises), stress management play vital role.

Makes psychologically weak – Health is not alone related to physical appearance,it has roots from inside. An unhealthy person looses ability to tackle difficulties. They loose their mental stability. Create loneliness around them. Being unhealthy will effect brain functioning.

Develops social phobia – We see many people hesitate to interact with people. This is on of the symptoms of unhealthy. If it is untreated and continued for long time, then person reaches highest peak of depression, which is very difficult to overcome.

Leads to many bad habits – Unhealthiness and bad habits impact each other. Sometimes unhealthiness leads to bad habits and sometimes bad habits lead to unhealthiness.

For example, a person who is mentally weak will easily get attracted to smoking, drugs to overcome their weakness. In other point of view, bad habits like alcohol, drugs lead to serious effects on nervous system, heart and most of the body parts.

Decreased lifespan – Many researches say that people who stay healthy lived for many years compared to those who lead a stressful and unhealthy life. Unhealthiness, will gradually effect body parts, leading to many complications and also reduces brain activity.

Effect on profession – People who do not maintain occupational wellness face problems in their career, which affects mental health. Occupational illness will ruin both profession and family.

Social illness – People who are unhealthy do not show interest in society based activities, this if continues for a long time, it may create loss of valuable relationships.

Health is the control unit of your life. If you ignore it, it will play havoc with you and punish to extremities that you cannot look back to compensate.