Sever Monitoring and Website Monitoring

By | July 31, 2014

Server monitoring
Server Monitoring is monitoring the web server to identify hardware or connectivity failures. If any failure occurs the server monitoring service will intimate or send a notification to the clients regarding the failure and the action they are taking to rectify the problem. They notify the critical metrics of the web server. It includes requests, bytes transferred, hits and CPU time taken by the web server to serve the request.

  • CPU and memory usage monitoring
    CPU monitoring includes CPU utilization by the processor, interrupts, core based utilization etc. will be monitored. It also identifies whether the CPU is able to run at the full capacity and spots the applications that are using high server resources were as memory monitoring tells that total memory utilized, total memory free etc.
  • Monitoring network traffic
    This monitors the traffic and lets you know how much traffic is coming to your website.
  • Monitoring disk usage
    Disk metrics like disk utilization, disk I/O and it furnishes the information in the way that is easily understood, for example graphs, pie-charts, etc.

There are some other resources or services that server monitoring will perform depending on the type of server monitoring company you choose.

This type of monitoring is done to provide the technical details of a website to the client and it is different from the website monitoring.

Website monitoring
Website monitoring is used by the businesses to check whether a user is able to interact with the website efficiently without facing any issue and to make sure the performance, up time and functionality are there as expected.

Website monitoring includes several steps like up time, back ups, security, availability etc. There are various types of monitoring that come under website monitoring like internal, external, synthetic, passive etc. This is completely different from server monitoring. Here, the website is monitored to identify and rectify the issues related to the website, whereas in server monitoring the web server is monitored.

Website monitoring makes your clients know if the website is working properly with no issues. This will make the website earn a good number of visitors. Here, up-time plays a major role. If the website is taking much time to load, it will be a problem and other is the performance of a website, that is checking all the resources and functions of a website are working properly or not. Therefore, completely dealing with issues related to the website and bringing them to make website performance optimization. Website monitoring can be done with the help of different tools available. These tools measure the overall website performance and tells to the client. This is how website monitoring is done.

This is about server monitoring and the website monitoring. They are different from each other completely.