Common Mistakes Made While Learning a New Language

By | July 31, 2014

People learning a new language will mostly make some common mistakes. Some of them are stated below. People should observe those mistakes and avoid them when they learn a new language.

No right foundation
You didn’t choose an institution or a tutor that has proper knowledge in teaching you the language and in giving you the right guidance. Learning a new language just for time pass or for entertainment is not right. Therefore, if the foundation is good it will help you in learning the language better.

Not listening
Listening is the major thing that you should take care of. Without properly listening to your teacher or tutor you can’t get the thing right. With this you will get only half knowledge. So, listen carefully and then learn the language. If you can’t listen properly go to your tutor and ask them to repeat it once again. So, that your doubt will get cleared. Learn to practice with proper listening.

Thinking rigidly
People with low tolerance and ambiguity will suffer while learning a language. As it involves learning of language, vocabulary, grammar and accent. So, achieve the fluency in the language you are learning with small exercise that you do every day. This will help you out to resolve the ambiguity problems.

Following unique method
If you follow some simple methods it will help you in learning better. But single method may not be helpful some times to learn the language easily. Go with 2 to 3 methods that people follow usually and find the best and easy way through which you can learn language easily among them and carry on with that. This helps you a lot.

Missing curiosity
Attitude is a key point for people who are learning a new language. There should be curiousness in learning culture of the language which will lead to success. This is also important to make relations with the native speakers.

Translating directly
Direct translation should not be there. Understand the concept because different languages will approach in a different way in every part like sentence formation, phrases, words, etc. See that you should translate as it is because the meaning may change some time. So, make this issue clear with your teacher or the tutor who teaches you the language.

These are the few mistakes that you should avoid when you are new to the language and learning it. No, guide will be there to teach you this issues of language. You yourself should know and rectify them.