Rules for Safe Driving in United States

By | July 21, 2014

Right-of-way refers to a rule allowing the other drivers to go first before others whenever necessary. There are a few rules where you must right-of-way for other drivers. This rules are followed mostly in the united states were the traffic is more. The rules that are applicable for the right-of-way are:

At Intersection Points:

  1. Drivers approaching the intersection point when there is no signal or signs to stop the passengers then you must yield the right-of-way for the traffic approaching from your right side.
  2.  If the vehicle is at intersection point were there are signals to stop the vehicle you must give the way for the first vehicle approaching to complete stopping. If the two vehicles stop at a time the vehicle on the left side should stop and give the way to vehicle on the right.
  3. When you want to turn at the intersections you must yield the way to the vehicles or the pedestrians approaching towards you and then go.
  4. If there is a yield sign you must stop if necessary and allow the vehicles to go first at the intersections.
  5. If you are coming from the driveway you must give the path for vehicles on the road and pedestrians who are walking on the footpath or side walk.
  6. You should also give the pedestrians walking through the specially marked crossings.
    • On Mountains:

When the vehicles coming up and down of the hill face each other the the vehicle coming down the hill must give the way to the vehicle going up the hill as there won’t be much control for the up going vehicle than the down coming vehicle.

    • At Roundabouts:

Roundabout is a intersection point were the traffic is around the island in counter clock-wise direction. Vehicles coming and going away from there must give a way to the traffic along with pedestrians. When you are coming towards the roundabout slow down your vehicle and yield the way. Watch signals or signs carefully and enter the place were you find more gap. Don’t try to stop other vehicles passing out there and use turn signals when you change the lane.

    • Crosswalks:

Crosswalks are meant for the pedestrians. To indicate that white lines are drawn on the road or some lights are arranged on the road to indicate that pedestrians are walking. See whether the pedestrians are crossing even the lights are on or not and then cross the road.

These are general Right-of-way rules in united states that every citizen of America must follow.