Benefits of Leasing Dental Equipment

By | December 30, 2014

Are you running a dental practice business? Wary of purchasing all the new equipment for the practice? Then, an economical option is to lease the equipment for the period of time that is required for you instead of buying them. Leasing medical equipment will give you many benefits that are not possible with buying new equipment i.e., in the form of savings, efficiency, etc. The benefits of leasing dental equipment over buying are listed below.

Leasing is beneficial for start-ups who cannot afford much on the practice and in paying full price of the dental equipment. These equipment usually cost so high that only a few practitioners can afford it. However, if you lease the equipment, you just need to pay only for the period of leasing and not the full price. So, as the time passes you can save a lot, which could have been otherwise spent on purchasing the equipment.

Latest equipment
The major benefit of leasing is, you can change the equipment over a period of time with another equipment using latest technology, which helps in effective patient’s treatment as well as your work. Patients can get high quality care and comfort. This also helps a lot for your practice. There is always a flexibility of using advanced dental equipment that keeps your practice up-to-date; and this is always necessary in such fields, where the advancements are constantly evolving.

For leasing an equipment, you don’t have to pay much initial payments that you can’t afford for starting the practice. You can just make the small initial lease payment and get it done quickly, to start the practice and give benefits to your patients. Many dental equipment leasing companies have been in the market today, and they lease you the equipment for competitive price in the market. So, you can choose the best among them and start your practice without burden.

Tax benefits
There are certain tax benefits of leasing the dental equipment. The expenses of the dental lease will be deducted as a business operating expense and over a period of time, the deduction will be a lump sum deduction by the end of the lease period. They are also included in the company’s balance sheet. So, the equipment may not have to be depreciated even after 5 to 7 years of its use.

These are the major benefits that you can get by leasing the dental equipment rather than buying it for the start-up dental practices. So, it is better to lease a dental equipment and save your money.