What are 3D Dental Scanners?

By | January 31, 2011

There are lots of advancements taking place in dental industry. Use of a 3D dental scanner is one of the most technological advancements. Molds of people teeth were made by dentists earlier, to make crown, cap or dentures. However, with the invention of 3D scanners it is avoided. 3D dental scanners are fast, accurate, and provide high precision results.

Many 3D scanner systems are available in the dental market to accommodate a variety of human dentition which incorporates an operator held. The operator helps in moving the scanner over the area to be scanned. Then a series of image frames are collected.

3D dental scanners can provide more clear view of a patient’s teeth. Therefore determination of a method of treatment and dental repair can be done easily by a dentist. The requirement whether might be braces, veneers, or any other dental work. For any requirement, a 3D dental scanner can be used which provides a clear 3D image.

High efficiency is associated with these scanners which work with complex parts and shapes. It is the main important characteristic of 3D dental scanners. These are used by many dentists for obtaining images of teeth, gums, and bones. A regular scanned image cannot be created for wisdom teeth or in case where there is overlapping of teeth. However, a 3D dental scanner can produce a clear image at those situations. A perfect view of everything in a patient mouth can be obtained by using 3D dental scanners.

They can be used for creating mold of mouth for patients requiring braces. Better-fit braces can be made by dentists with application of 3D dental scanners. It helps in decreasing the length of time the braces can be left on teeth. Operation of these scanners is very easy. Very less time is taken by them for scanning.