Repair Or Purchase A New Part For Your Car – How To Decide?

By | November 30, 2020

There is much more to owning a car than just filling the fuel in it and driving around. You need to properly maintain it so that the automobile continues to be in excellent condition for a long time. And, an important facet of this maintenance is to repair/replace the parts, as and when the situation demands.

Whenever any problem crops up, many car owners are confused as to whether a repair would suffice or is it the time for a replacement. Most of the people contemplate only in the direction of a repair, for it is generally a cheaper option. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. The following points provide clarity on this crucial aspect.

  • The purpose of repair is to ensure that a part once again starts to work almost as effectively as it used to, before developing the issue. If this objective can’t be realized, replacement then would be the better choice.

  • When a rectified part works improperly, it seriously affects the automobile leading to major repairs involving huge costs. Additionally, it impacts the all-important element of safety.

  • When the question is to get the car repaired following an accident, you should take the help of collision estimators. They are the experts who, after thoroughly inspecting your car, give the appropriate guidance. The estimators provide you precise details about the parts that can be repaired and the ones for which there is no option other than replacement.

  • Certain components mandatorily have to be replaced after a specified duration. For instance, you should go for a new fuel filter every two years. Likewise, the replacement of the air filter must be done on an annual basis.

  • For some parts, the question of repair doesn’t arise at all; they should be replaced soon as you notice any issues. As an example, we can take the rotors. Rotors are the components that help in avoiding overheating of the braking system. When these parts wear out, there can be a sudden brake failure that increases the risk of a major accident. Thus, the moment you observe that there is a decline in the working of rotors, get them immediately replaced, losing no time.

  • The same is the case with turn signals, headlights, brake lights, and tail lights. Replacing the burned-out ones with new bulbs is the sole alternative.

  • When there is a situation where it becomes indispensable to get new parts, opt for only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, as far as possible. It’s not preferable to choose aftermarket parts, for they lack the good quality seen in the OEM varieties. So, do not hesitate to spend a bit more on OEM parts. Otherwise, it will tell upon both the life of the car and also your safety.

  • Nowadays, most of the cars come with many parts made from plastic. Replacing these parts is a fairly costly proposition. Thus, when your vehicle develops any related problems, just go for the repair and don’t even think about replacement. Repairing these accessories is no herculean task and it is not burdensome on your wallet, as well.

  • The technology of repair of fiberglass and plastic car parts has developed a lot. Therefore, in this regard; you can go ahead and get the repair done, without any doubts.

  • Last but not the least, stick to the guidelines mentioned in the user manual. This shall assist you in promptly identifying parts that are getting damaged. Most importantly, the manual advises you as to what is the correct solution- repair or replacement.