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All about Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a type of procedure that is used to improve the appearance and function of patients’ bodies. Some plastic surgery procedures are called “cosmetic” and others are called “reconstructive.” Plastic surgery, whether it is cosmetic or reconstructive, promotes a strong, A facelift designed to provide a more youthful appearance for a sixty-year-old woman… Read More »

The Second Bermuda Triangle of Alaska

The Alaskan Bermuda Triangle is indeed very mysterious – a vast, uninhabited wilderness, where over the years a number of people have been missing at a high rate. There are many places like Bermuda triangle around the world. Most of the people in Alaska are designated to wilderness lies. In past 4-year-old Chris Mc Candless… Read More »

Right into the head of the walking fish

There was a period called Devonian period, just like our ancient period, dinosaur period, etc. The specialty of this period is that the fishes started walking on to the land making them the first ever creatures to walk on the land. These fishes later evolved into walking four legged-animals; though I don’t think that all… Read More »