Possibilities of Building a Flying Saucer in 21st Century

By | September 19, 2009

Do flying saucers exist? There are many believers and non believers on the existence of flying saucers. Each of them has their own theory but the major theory which the non believers have is the impossibility of building an aircraft that can travel more than the speed of light or at least with the speed of light.

We humans have a good habit; not believing anything until they see or experience it on their own. People who claim to have seen a flying saucer might have not believed it until they saw it with their own eyes. We have already searched all our nearest planets and constellations to check the possibilities of life existence; and have not found any. So if there is any life out there, it must be from other constellations many light years away (distance in space is calculated in light years). And one needs to have a bigger craft moving more than the speed of light and holding the required fuel for such tremendous requirement of energy.

According to Einstein, it is not possible for any particle with a certain mass, which can move at a speed of light. If flying saucers really existed, we can build it too, but we have to wait for someone greater than Einstein to come up.

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