The ABCs of Making Money from Your Website

By | March 6, 2018

Today it is very easy to build up your own website. Either you make it for fun or with a purpose. But, as traffic inflow increases, income part comes to your mind. Here is a guide telling you which sites can be monetized and how.

The first question that is often asked: can any site be monetized? In a word the answer is “Yes”. However, it is important to remember your website is not making money. It is a tool to attract people, which will help to earn money. So, your primary focus after building a website is to generate traffic.

Generating Traffic
Ad servers for publishersJust think for a moment why people visit your site while they have thousand other alternatives. To attract people to your site, you need to have quality content that visitors can easily understand and relate to. Once your site is ready, you need to make people aware of it.
Along with word of mouth publicity, there should be some easy to share free content or news letter links in your website. You can also trade with another site for links. Some of the popular methods of traffic generation include:

  • Social Media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Employing one strategy will not guarantee steady flow of traffic to the site. Build up a useful website and use a combination of these strategies to attract visitors. It may take some time to understand the best way that will click for your site. But, with time and learning, you will be able to achieve a consistent user base. Once you have high amount of traffic on your site, your effort should be on making money.

How to monetize a website?
ad servingYou can bring in money from your website either using ads or without it. Whichever way you prefer, there are plenty of methods. Here are few simple methods of monetizing a website with ads.

Directly sell Ad Space
When your site is ready and you have a good amount of traffic, sponsors will be eager to insert their ads in your site’s free space. It can be on the sidebar, small pop-ins or at the bottom of the page. Pricing of each ad space is different. The process is time consuming. But, as it is direct, no middleman is involved, chances of earning is much higher. Another alternative is pay per click model. Here you will earn money if visitors come to your site, see the ad and click on it.

Google AdSense
Selling ad space directly can be complicated. You may Google AdSense much simpler. Brands make use of Google to display ads in publisher’s sites (like your website). You will receive a code from Google and place it where you want the ad to show. Google will find relevant and highest paying ads for your site. You will get paid whenever someone will click on that ad.

Affiliate marketing and paid posts
Ad server solutionsYou can promote the products and service you enjoy through your website. Place an affiliate link in the post where you talk about them. If a visitor click on that link and make a purchase you will earn a commission.

Paid posts are kind of sponsored content. Advertisers pay for the content that will feature on your site. However, you have to be careful with this kind of paid posts. A true review can earn you people’s trust. If done poorly, it can ruin your entire hard work.

Many site owners are going completely ad-free. It is irritating sometimes to see ads when you visit a website. Therefore, you may select to make your website ad-free. Despite that you can earn money. Here are some popular methods of monetizing a website without ads:

Selling your own products
ad serverYou can market a product or merchandise through your site. It does not have to be a physical product. It can be some sort of skills or consulting services.

Premium content
You can hide a portion of your site that the visitors have to access in return of a fee. To attract new visitors you have to keep certain part of your website free.

You can create incredible content and leave it free to access. Through your site you can politely ask the visitor for donation. Tell them that their contribution will help to bring what they love about your site.

These are the two ways of making money from your site. But, before you jump to implement one, first get your site in order.