Necessity Of Industrial Ventilation Systems

By | April 24, 2018

A number of industries operate manufacturing plants and processing units that allow airborne contaminants in thereby jeopardizing the health and safety of the employees working in such areas. It is important to have certain industrial ventilation systems in place to comply with OSHA regulations.

PA fansProper ventilation ensures cleaning up the air as per the conventional standards laid down by various industries. The plants making use of toxic gases emitting noxious fumes as well as inflammable elements along with assorted debris need to address the affluent that are sure to have an adverse effect on the health of its workmen. The system usually consists of having a supply and exhaust ventilation in place that control all sort of dangerous emissions and arrest exposure to harmful chemicals within the working area.

manufacturer of industrial fansInstallation of oil mist collectors, downdraft benches along with dust collection booths have proved to be highly effective measures for industries keen to keep the costs of operation down too. True, the plant manager can opt for an alternative way of functioning by eliminating certain processes or substituting a few chemicals with the more eco-friendly ones but that can prove to be highly expensive in the long run.

The ‘Occupational Safety and Health Administration’ bodies require the employers to safeguard their employees at the work place thereby necessitating the need for installation of industrial ventilation systems as and when required.

ID FanHowever, hurriedly getting a system up and running by employing the existing workmen who do not have the required skill is definitely foolhardy. It is essential to opt for an onsite inspection of the concerned facilities in order to gauge its ventilation requirement. The actual installation of the system needs to be undertaken by a qualified and experienced ventilation engineer or a professional company that specializes in industrial ventilation.

Industrial centrifugal fansThere is no, ‘one size fits all’ theory applicable here either. In fact, different industries need to employ diverse ventilation systems in order to adhere to the standards set by OSHA. While automobile industry require to install an oil mist collector for getting rid of the airborne oil and coolants, the industries that function by sanding, grinding, and deburring activities would have to opt for installing ‘down draft bench systems.’ Adding a dust collection booth to capture and eliminate the air borne contaminants are ideal for glass and gems industry that require the raw materials to be polished perfectly.

FD FanThe types of industrial ventilation systems are as varied as the number of industries operating today. It is not always possible for either the operations manager or the workforce to remain aware of the dangers and take the right measures to make the job area completely risk free. It is best to get in touch with the stalwarts of the safety operations within an industry or opt for consultation services in order to determine the perfect ventilation system for a processing plant or a manufacturing unit.

Employing the top company operating in the area is definitely the best way to save the company from legal issues due to violation of OSHA standards.