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Facts about Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drugs are the chemicals, which have susceptible impact on neuro-chemical balance of human brain that effects feelings and actions of an individual. Abusing drugs often or regularly leads to addiction. Although there is no particular age limit for drug addiction, earlier abuse causes more serious drug addiction. Reasons for addiction Every abuser has a different… Read More »

How to Recover from Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drug. This drug is banned in most of the states of US. There are many adverse affects of using marijuana on the human body both physically and psychologically. It affects the user financially as well. Many people get addicted to marijuana, which can cause long term health problems.… Read More »

Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction treatment is aimed to stimulate addicted individuals to terminate uncontrollable drug pursuing and use. For many people, treatment is a long-term process which includes many interventions and consistent monitoring. The main principles of effective treatment are: Addiction is a complicated but treatable disease that affects activities of brain and behavior. Single treatment is… Read More »