Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

By | March 15, 2010

Drug Addiction treatment is aimed to stimulate addicted individuals to terminate uncontrollable drug pursuing and use. For many people, treatment is a long-term process which includes many interventions and consistent monitoring.

The main principles of effective treatment are:

  • Addiction is a complicated but treatable disease that affects activities of brain and behavior.
  • Single treatment is not suitable for every person.
  • Treatment should be made quickly available.
  • Effective treatment takes care of various needs of the individual and not confined to his or her drug abuse.
  • Staying in treatment for sufficient period of time is very essential.
  • Counseling a person or group and other behavioral therapies are the most regularly used methods of drug abuse treatment.
  • Medications are an essential component of treatment for most of the patients, particularly when associated with counseling and other behavioral therapies.
  • An individual’s treatment and services plan should be evaluated continuously and changed accordingly to make sure that it fulfills his or her changing needs.
  • Most of the drug-addicted people will also suffer from other mental disorders.
  • Medically aided detoxification is just the initial stage of addiction treatment and has impact to change long-term drug abuse.
  • Drug use at the time of treatment should be supervised continuously, as lapses can occur at the time of treatment.
  • Treatment programs must determine patients for the existence of HIV/ AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases and also provide intended risk-reduction counseling to avoid risk of spreading infectious diseases.
  • Treatment may not be voluntary in order to be effective.

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