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Know About the Four Stages of Yoga

Yoga is basically a form of art which is used to make your mind, body and soul more peaceful. It helps in the union of all the three which is found to be effective in fighting against many mental as well as physical problems. The main aim of yoga is to make the mind simple… Read More »

Precautions For Prenatal Yoga

To assure health of pregnant woman and that of baby, a health practitioner must be consulted before initiating a prenatal yoga program. Following precautions must be considered before starting a routine: If taking a class, tell instructor about pregnancy. This helps instructor to alter particular poses, which will suit you. It is better to join… Read More »

Benefits Of Yoga On Health

Day to day practice of yoga makes a person very healthy and prevents diseases from attacking. Medicines can only reduce symptoms of health problem but yoga eliminates the root cause of disease. Yoga do not require expensive materials or accessories or gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc. It can be performed inside the house or in… Read More »