Know About the Four Stages of Yoga

By | July 28, 2011

Yoga is basically a form of art which is used to make your mind, body and soul more peaceful. It helps in the union of all the three which is found to be effective in fighting against many mental as well as physical problems. The main aim of yoga is to make the mind simple by freeing it from all the distress and tensions. That simplicity of mind is achieved only by performing some forms and techniques of yoga. The effect of yoga on the body is classified into four stages and the person who attained the fourth stage by traveling through all the three stages is said to be reached the point of perfection.

Following are the four stages of Yoga.

  1. Initiation (Arambhavastha) : The name of the first stage it self says its importance. Its nothing but taking initiation to do yoga. Yoga should be done by yourself and not by anybody’s force. The starting stages involves some physical postures and techniques which needs very less effort. However one should feel comfortable in this stage then only he can move further. So the asanas in this state are so simple.

  2. Meditation (Ghatavastha): This is the state in which the practice moves from the body to mind. This is the most active and important stage since it involves the participation of brain. It rests solely in doing meditation thinking that we are not a body but a soul. Once your mind becomes peaceful and thoughtless, your hopeless souls will be transformed in to peaceful, happy, strong and stable minds.

  3. Concentration (Parichayavastha): This is the third stage and during this stage the body and the intelligence becomes one. The speed of thinking about the worldly pleasures decreases and the person comes to know about himself and the divinity present inside him.

  4. Realization(Nispattyavastha): This is the final stage of yoga, which is called the stage of perfection. Till this stage our thoughts which are in the positive direction start to experience a sense of peace and well being. The person comes to know the divinity in himself and all the negative thoughts gets washed out at this stage. He becomes a complete human being by reaching this stage of perfection.