Precautions For Prenatal Yoga

By | February 15, 2010

To assure health of pregnant woman and that of baby, a health practitioner must be consulted before initiating a prenatal yoga program.

Following precautions must be considered before starting a routine:

  • If taking a class, tell instructor about pregnancy. This helps instructor to alter particular poses, which will suit you. It is better to join a prenatal yoga class (exclusively for pregnant ladies). Today there are many studios and instructors to teach them.
  • If you’ve already been practicing yoga for some time, remember that you should not perform few exercises (asanas) of your normal routine as pregnancy progresses.
  • Some specific poses are not suggested for pregnant women, particularly poses involving abdominal twists, inversion poses, and deep bends. Moreover the corpse pose must be avoided after the first trimester. Talk to the instructor for directing about what poses are safe to perform in each stage of the pregnancy.
  • Power yoga and Bikram or hot yoga are also not recommended yoga practices at the time of pregnancy. The increased heat and strain of these practices increases mother’s internal temperature to a point, which might be harmful to the baby. These yoga practices can be done after the baby is born in order to boost energy and remove weight acquired during pregnancy.

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