Benefits Of Yoga On Health

By | January 11, 2010

Day to day practice of yoga makes a person very healthy and prevents diseases from attacking. Medicines can only reduce symptoms of health problem but yoga eliminates the root cause of disease.

  • Yoga do not require expensive materials or accessories or gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc. It can be performed inside the house or in open area, in person or in groups. Only thing required is a thick carpet spread on floor covered with a clean cloth.
  • Yoga can be practiced at any time during daytime. Moreover, it is very useful and beneficial to anyone irrespective of whether he or she is old or young and heavy or lean.
  • Very important advantage of practicing yoga is, it restricts several diseases and disorders and helps in providing good health and fitness through out the life.
  • It helps in decreasing depression and stress, motivates mindful eating which indirectly decreases the chances of attacking obesity, and enables to learn on how to focus or concentrate well.
  • Practicing yoga combined with breathing exercises help in reducing blood pressure and also stretching exercises helps in reducing the risk of getting heart diseases, according to information recorded in a survey.
  • Yoga helps in increasing strength, endurance, and physical flexibility, which are considered as a boon to people suffering with back pain and other health problems. The meditation and yogic breathing helps people in dealing with the body pains very effectively.

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