Right into the head of the walking fish

By | September 13, 2008

There was a period called Devonian period, just like our ancient period, dinosaur period, etc. The specialty of this period is that the fishes started walking on to the land making them the first ever creatures to walk on the land. These fishes later evolved into walking four legged-animals; though I don’t think that all animals, which had four legs were able to walk. This period is named after the Devon of England as the rocks of this period were first extracted from here.

One of the creatures of this period is the walking fish, which our scientists call as Tiktaalik. This creature was a fish, which transformed its fins into legs and gills to lungs when it came on land. It is said to live around 375 million years ago. Its fossil was found in 2004 in Canadian Arctic region with its skull encased inside the rock. Scientists had to struggle a lot to extract its upper part of the skull and are still working on its lower part of the skull.

This amphibian resembled a crocodile with measuring about 3 meters long.

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