Benefits Of RFID Over Barcodes

By | February 20, 2010

Even though they have different functioning, barcode and RFID technology are both beneficial for inventory management and other applications. Human effort is not required in RFID as it is completely automated. In barcodes, laborers are required to scan each tag with the help of barcode scanners. Some of the benefits of RFIT technology over barcode systems are:

  • Read Rate: RFID has high throughput because nearly 100 tags can be scanned at a time. But in barcodes, tags are read manually one after one.
  • Line of Sight: It is not required in RFID and items can be aligned in any direction, as long as it is in the read range. But in barcode line of sight is required and items should be oriented in a very particular manner.
  • Read or Write Capability: RFID has the ability to read, write, modify, and update. Whereas, barcodes can only read.
  • Durability: RFID has the ability to scan in the harsh environment, as it is much better protected and can also be attached internally. It easily gets damaged or removed and cannot be scanned if it is dirty or greasy.
  • Security: In RFID information can be encrypted, password protected, so information stored is much more secure and very difficult to replicate. Whereas barcodes can be easily counterfeited.
  • Event Triggering: RFID has the ability to trigger particular events such as door openings, alarms, etc. Whereas barcodes cannot be used to trigger events.