Tips For Home Gardening

By | February 3, 2010

miniature gardenGardening is a one of the most popular physical activity. It gives satisfaction and fresh air. The following are the some of the helpful tips for home gardening.

  • Rules of thumb for water use on lawns and gardens: Water is the basic requirement for gardening. Lawn requires one inch depth of water about every three days. Watering to a depth of 4-6 inches helps in deeper and healthier root development.
  • Know your soil: Different type of soils requires different amount of water. Loose soil will quickly absorb the water. Water does not easily penetrate in to sandy and clay soil. Adding organic material such as compost and peat moss will increases the penetrability of water into clay and sandy soil. Loam soil is the best kind of soil. It can easily absorb the water and stores nutrients for the plants.
  • Fairy gardenWater at the right time of the day: Early morning and nighttime is the right time for watering. At that time water will be evaporated less.
  • Proper fertilization use: Fertilizers contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These compounds help for the root development, seed development, and disease resistance. Soil test helps to find out what nutrients are needed. It is better to apply the fertilizer properly.
  • Mow your lawn frequently: Mower at two inches will reduce the water use during the hot weather.Miniature Gardening

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