How I Ended My Relationship with Coffee

By | September 13, 2009

Caffeine can be a devious little stimulant. I hated how it made me feel afterwards and how much I was dependent on it. Here are other reasons why I decided to quit: I was more anxious.

  • Without any reason I would get nervous.
  • Felt Dehydration Problem.
  • I was mentally freeze, less sensitive to my surroundings, less intuitive and less Reactive
  • It felt so hard to truly relax and be calm.
  • My friend was hospitalized due to too much coffee on a regular basis.
  • I learned that coffee is highly acidic

And also…Caffeine disguises both physical and emotional states. So, I decided to give up coffee which I had daily twice for at least of six years. How did I do it? The answer lay in reformatting my habits. I started with staying off coffee for two weeks, and then another two weeks, which eventually turned into eight months.

There are four areas I focused on and found substitute for, which helped me, part with my coffee habit:

  • Drink – Replacing coffee with Tea. In the beginning, I drank black tea for two weeks during my transition period. Then eventually, switching to better choices, such as fresh fruit, water with lemon. I now enjoy herbal tea as a fragrant treat.
  • Thought – Replacing the thought of having coffee to stay focus with mental belief of that I have enough energy in me to stay alert.
  • Habit – Replacing the emotional dependency on the act and habit of getting coffee as a form of break, with getting up to stretch, getting a glass of water and eating raw almonds.
  • Need – Replacing the false energy boost with more awareness and care of my body. I learned to listen to my body more.

The first two weeks was the hardest. I felt unreasonable tired. But once the two-week period was past, I felt less and less tired, less and less coffee thirst. Also, if you are not able to make this last long term after your first try, don’t be so hard on yourself. My first attempt to quit last year failed after 3 weeks of hard work. But the second attempt worked like magic. After incorporating this change into my life, I am seeing significant benefit. I have uncovered my real energy. I feel healthier and I love the freedom away from being dependent on a drink. I’m not trying to lecture you into quitting, but just to share my experiences with you.

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