Know About Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

By | May 18, 2010

Car driving is easy as compared to its maintenance and repairing. Since these process consumes lots of time to make it. Among all car maintenance valve cover gasket replacement is major replacement because it saves lots of money and major loss to car.

Valve cover gasket is generally installed at high pressure cylinders or chambers. This is used to seal car engine’s cylinder and to prevent oil leakage whenever car is running. These gaskets are mainly made up of silicon, cork or rubber. They are manufactured to last long but over the time it needs replacement.

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To know whether your car needs a gasket replacement you have to inspect the car engine. If during the inspection you noticed wet oil deposits around the valve cover of the cylinder head then it is a clear indication to change the valve cover gasket.

Replacement procedure
Replacement process is quite technical but it can be done effectively if is done with proper care and by studying gasket installation manual. Before starting arrange socket set, penetrating oil, silicone sealant and a new valve cover gasket.

In starting phase open car hood and disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery and then access the valve cover of the engine. Once you gain access to the valve cover, remove the bolts holding it down. Afterwards, pry off the gasket cover and remove the old valve cover gasket. Then apply RTV silicone based sealant under the new gasket and the engine head. After lying the valve cover inside the gasket groove, put the valve cover back. In final phase, fix the bolts holding of gasket and proceed to reinstall and reconnect all the car parts to gain access to the engine head. At last, reconnect the car battery and gasket replacement is done.

Valve gasket is an important replacement in a car since it helps to improve the life of car. This gasket also reduces any other major loss of engine. Proper and regular maintaining can only give better result to the car owners.