How Does E-Mail Server Work

By | July 29, 2010

From the business point of view, communication is very important. Mostly business emails play a major role in communication field. In order to meet the demands of the customers, paper work will result in time delay. So, electronic messaging is done for business purposes to improve their communication and productivity. For doing this process, exchange server plays a major role in the arena of communication as it is the integration of different communication tools.

By using the exchange server, client server applications can be done easily. Here, the client or the user who wants to send the message opens his/her account which is connected to the server, he composes the message and sends it. The composed message will be stored in the appropriate location of the database on the server. Out of these exchange servers, email server is one of the server which is mostly used by the businesses.

Generally four basic components are used which are used for exchanges in the communications. They are:

Information Store: In this component, the messages are stored and organized and these are the places where commonly the mail boxes are kept.

System Attendant: In this component, the data related to email addresses is created and managed effectively.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): This protocol is used for transferring the messages from one server to another server.

Active Directory: In this component, mailboxes, distribution lists, server properties are managed. .

All these components work effectively. These works are being done like accounts and mail boxes of the clients are being created. Data such as the calendars, addresses, e-mails can be managed, instructions to the users are provided regarding where the messages are sent etc.

Once the message is on the server, the recipient client will be informed by the server regarding the message is waiting, The server will give notifications for the information of the message retrieved. Then the client logs into their account and starts checking their emails and retrieves the message.