Prevention Techniques For Drug Abuse At Work Place

By | December 28, 2009

Employers can play major role in restricting the unhealthy and hazardous use of substances. These are few steps to include:

  • Carry out drug-free workplace and other recorded substance abuse policies.
  • Promote drug-free workplace policies and repeat that use of drugs is not at all permitted in the workplace.
  • Convey information about the health risks of drug use via company websites and health and wellness resources.
  • Educate employees regarding health and productivity hazards of using illicit substances through company wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs and Work/Life programs.
  • Organize substance abuse information in workplace wellness strategies, like learning about good nutrition, exercise, seat belt use, etc.

Make sure that company wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs and Work or Life programs provide education, screening and follow-up services for employees’ drug problems. Employees’ privacy should be respected. Employers should not know who among their employees is in recovery from drug abuse.

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