Know About Skin Yeast Infections

By | July 29, 2010

There are different yeast infections which are affecting our body. They may occur in mouth, skin, nail beds, vaginal areas. All these will support the growth of yeast. This will result in itching, severe pain, bleeding on the infected areas. It is even embarrassing and uncomfortable situation which disturbs a person a lot. This may be due to several reasons like illnesses, stress, by using antibiotics, in women during the hormonal changes in the pregnancy etc.

Even this occurs in all people because of several reasons. This skin yeast infection is called as Intertrigo in medical terms. This occurs in the places of skin folds. The several types of skin yeast infections are jock itch, athlete’s feet, ring worm, toenail fungus, dandruff etc.

Elevated blood cholesterol levels are linked with the skin yeast infection. Some times people who are suffering with the lung infections will also suffer with the skin yeast infection.

The fungi which is effecting the skin is the Candida albicans. This will infect the skin as well as the mucous membranes , apart from this, the fungi mainly grows on warm and moist places.

Some of the skin yeast infections are contagious.
The symptoms for the skin yeast infections itching and purple patches, scalings appear on the skin. The places where the infections are found are under the skin folds like under breasts for women, in the vaginal areas where there is moisture.

Even sometimes antibiotics usage will also result in yeast infections. For the people who work in wet conditions, the problems of skin yeast infections will be more.