Know About Nanny’s Qualifications and Skills

By | August 13, 2010

Most important qualification of nanny is she should love children means should have loving nature. She should have some nanny qualification and though it is not required legally but now a days most of the agencies and families are also looking for childcare qualifications and skills to get a good nanny.

There is no legal requirement for qualifications for a nanny, some of the people recommend nanny agencies that nanny needs to have some qualifications like two years of study and level 3 child care qualification. Qualification helps them to ensure whether nannies are capable for their work or not. There are some nanny qualifications such as:
Council for Awards in Childcare and Education (CACHE) is an officially recognized awarded body, nanny can be awarded for Care, Education, and Play work. Following qualifications awarded by CACHE:

  • Certificate or Diploma in Child care and Education
  • Level 3 Diploma in Home based Child care. This course will give nanny skills to develop a child.
  • BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in Early Years. Good practice in a child care settings is covered by this course.

The general child care register:
The General Child care Register has two parts such as compulsory and a voluntary part. Nannies need to join in compulsory part, but they can join in voluntary part of this register. But nannies need to meet some requirements like they must have training in common skills, communication with children, young people, and families, and public liability insurance, if they joined in voluntary part of General Child care Register.

Nanny should have other skills like:

  • She should be able to plan and prepare healthy opportunities.
  • She should know how to plan and prepare healthy meals, snacks. If it is necessary she should have driving experience.
  • She should show good organizational skills and have experience of working with children of various ages.