How Saliva Drug Testing became a Solution for Corporate Drug Testing

By | August 17, 2010

These days, the drug abuse has become a common problem in every organization. By the presence of the drug abusers, the environment will spoil and health of the abuser will spoil. While talking about the drug abuse at the work places, the work gets affected. So, the employers of the organizations are using drug testing for creating healthier and safer work environment.

Out of the different types of drug testing which are used at different places, the employers or the organizations or the corporate officials are opting the saliva drug testing. According to the US companies, the test should follow some of the considerations like complexity, time and cost, privacy, sample adulteration etc., All these are found in saliva drug testing. So, saliva drug test has become the efficient solution for corporate drug testing.

The main factor which one has to consider while conducting the drug test at work place is the privacy of the candidate. Most of the organizations feel that the collection of the sample of saliva is less embarrassing. Definitely, anyone will accept this test socially. Unlike, urine test this will not be degrading. Even this test has the advantage that no separate room is needed for conducting the test. Thus, privacy is not needed. One can term the saliva drug test as the donor friendly test as the test sample can be easily collected.

The cost of the saliva drug test is less when compared to blood and hair test. Although, the cost is not less than the urine drug testing, the factors of no adulteration in the test makes it mostly preferred. Convenience of conducting test also makes it easy for the corporates. Also for random drug testing, this is preferred.