Types of Drug Testing Conducted by Employers at Workplace

By | November 18, 2010

Conducting employee drug testing in the workplace is important to ensure drug free work environment and reduce drug abuse incidents among employees and improve their productivity. There are many positive things like professionalism, integrity, discipline, employee productivity, work culture etc which are promoted by a drug free environment.

A company can also reduce addiction related crimes, accidents, injuries, absenteeism of employees. There are many types of drug tests that can be conducted by employers at workplaces, such as:

Pre employement drug testing: Organizations or companies are conducting pre-employment drug test to ensure prevention of recruiting candidates who use drugs. It is important to appoint productive and efficient employees into a company. This test also helps the employers to save money on insurance premiums, medical treatment, abuse related accidents.

Random drug testing: Employees are tested for drug abuse without any intimation randomly. Random drug testing is the best tool to discourage employee drug abuse or use.

Reasonable suspicion drug testing: If any employee is suspected that he or she is using drugs, then organizations or employers conduct reasonable suspicion drug test. Employee’s drug use patterns and symptoms of working under influence of drug abuse are considered for subjecting a person to this test

Post accident drug testing: This test conducted by organizations after an employee meets with any accident or any injury at time of work to know if the cause of the incident is drug abuse of employee.

These are the types of drug tests which are conducted by employers at workplace to get drug free environment at workplace.