Need to Know Something About Barcodes?

By | December 30, 2010

Barcodes are seen by all in supermarkets, on labels, greeting cards, and other consumable goods. In order to improve from the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges for an organization, barcode technology must be practiced. A barcode can be termed as an optical machine-readable representation of data. This shows certain data on the products. Earlier, the data on barcodes is represented in widths and spacings of parallel lines. This is called a linear or one dimensional barcodes. Sometimes different patterns of squares, dots, and other geometrical patterns can be used in barcodes. Such patterns come under two dimensional barcodes. Different symbologies are used now a days based on the application requirement and also based on industry.

The elements of a barcode symbol should have consistency with proportional thickness and thinness for proper reading. Barcodes are read by optical scanners called barcode scanners or barcode readers. Many companies offer different types of barcode scanners among which Symbol barcode scanners are mostly used. The barcode scanner measures reflected light. Then this light is interpreted into numbers and letters which are then passed to a computer. The functionality of a barcode is simple and it uses fundamental technology. However, the simplicity is also relied on the excellence of the total execution.

By combining with the data-collection technology, barcodes can be used to provide rapid, efficient and accurate means for collection, processing, transmission, recording and management of data. Many industries utilize the applications of barcodes. Some of them include retail, manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing and distribution, and package delivery.

Many companies are also involved in manufacturing and providing all the components required for barcodes. These include barcode printers for labeling, barcode scanners, barcode networking devices, and barcode labels.