What are the Functions of the Barcode Scanners

By | December 20, 2010

Using barcode, causes to introduce the many new practices and replacing the traditional practices to track the business proceedings and it also causes great revolutionary changes in inventory management.

Whether it is small shop or big departmental store, the barcode technology is being used in every business without matter of the size of the business. Barcode technology helps to track inventory, goods and information. In order to know more about barcode scanners’ function, you must know about barcodes.

Embedded engineeringBarcode is an imprint image, which represents the information about product or item. This barcode is printed by barcode printers. Information, which is presented in the barcodes is read by the barcode scanners.

Barcode contains the vertical lines and spaces between lines. Structure of coded information determine the width and spacing between the lines and bars. This barcode consists all the relevant information coded with a specific language, such information is accessed by the barcode readers, which is connected with computer network. Laser source or photo sensor help the scanners to read and transfer information to a computer which is loaded with barcode software.

IoT software developmentThere are two types of barcode scanners, imaged and laser based scanners. There is a camera which is embedded into the image based scanners. So camera takes the images of the barcode and analyzes it by using image scanning technique in imaged based scanner. Mirrors and lenses are used by laser-based scanner to explain the barcode. Image based scanner is cheaper than the laser-based scanner. You can see these two types of scanners in model of Symbol barcode scanner. The nature of the use, whether conditions, physical conditions and products , etc decide the selection of the barcode scanner. Symbol scanners are scanners which can be used in all conditions.

The above information is about the functions of the barcode scanners. If you buy good scanner, then it works in good way.