How to Select Barcode Scanners

By | August 5, 2010

Generally, barcode scanners are light emitting devices and people use them to read barcodes on different products. It is attached to a computer or laptop via PS2. Data which is collected is stored on a computer for the purpose of processing or storage. Barcode scanner is used in different industries like retail or production.

First you have to analyze questions such as:

  • Which size of scanner is required?
  • In which environment scanner can be used?
  • Whether you need periodic scanning or continuous scanning?
  • Will you conduct scanning close to barcode or from distance?
  • Are scanners to be used hands-free or hand held?
  • What is your budget?

There are two major types of barcode scanners such as image-based and laser based scanners. A camera is used by image-based barcode scanner.

Generally, camera is installed in a barcode scanner. The images are captured by camera and then images are processed by the complex image techniques to decode the barcodes.

To read the barcodes, mirrors and lenses are used by laser based barcode scanners. They are more expensive than image based scanners. Image based scanners do not have internal movable parts and also they have a shorter scanning distance when compare to laser barcode scanner. Laser barcode scanners can scan from a wider angle from the barcode.

You can purchase laser-based barcode scanner if you need scanner for long range of scanning. You may purchase images based scanner like CCD barcode scanner, if you need short range scanning. Scanner can be chosen according to the environment. If you need to use it outdoors then you can get image-based scanner. If it is retail shop or store then it is better to get laser-based scanner.

If you want to purchase barcode scanner, you can get full information by asking the manufacturers of scanners , if you have any doubts.