Role of Parent Involvement in Preschool Programs

By | January 12, 2011

The involvement of parent in the child’s out of home experiences, is good for both the child and the parent. Social adjustment and school performance can be associated positively with the participation of parents in preschool programs.

Parent involvement is considered to be an integral part of cooperative child care and child development programs. It improves the cooperation between the parent and early childhood educator. This further enhances the focus on child. Interaction of parent, child and the teacher should be made compulsory in preschool programs. The parent can know about the gradual development of a child. Certain issue including problem prevention and discipline strategies are also known by parents and an advice can be given to the teachers. New strategies can be made by the cooperation of parents with teachers in preschool development programs.

Educational dvds for kids can be used even by the parents to make them prone to the development. A preschool dvd helps in enhancing the behavior of the child. While discussing with the teachers, parents can explain the behavior and good things about the child. They could also mention some areas in which they want to improve their child. Based on the type of the preschool program, the involvement of parents also varies. Sometimes participation of parents in classroom is also possible in some cooperative nursery schools. Some parents are also involved in administrative and service roles in the preschools.

A continuity can be maintained between the child’s home and preschool experiences. Quality of the child care can be increased with reduced costs by involvement of parents in financial aspects of preschool programs.