Reasons For Which a Nanny Quits

By | October 7, 2010

Some of the families have same nanny for many years and some of the families have one nanny after another. Why is it so? There are some reasons why nannies leave the jobs, such as:

Lack of recognition: Generally, nanny has good interaction with family members, she spends a long time with children. Many parents who are busy with their own careers, they may forget to appreciate the work of nanny. Generally, any employe or worker wants to get recognition in their work. So if there is no recognition, they will leave the job.

Family dysfunction: A nanny quit can be caused by substance abuse, physical abuse, marital wars, emotional instability etc., in household.

Isolation: Generally, nannies like to walk with baby outside with child’s mother or neighbor to enjoy the interact while chatting. If the family refuses the nanny to leave the home with the child, it can be one of the reasons which may result in nanny to quit.

Parents do not spend the time: While nanny is on duty problems, one of the parents and both need to spend some amount of time at home. Otherwise, nanny cannot take total responsibilities. It may be one of the reasons to quit a nanny.

Expenses: If any family assigns any works or tasks related to family, then they have to give some amount of money in advance to them to perform task like purchasing groceries, dry cleaning, or party gifts, etc. If they won’t do like that, nannies may quit the job.

There are few more reasons like poor communication, non comparative compensation, if duties are added one by one with out limit.

These are the reasons which cause nanny to quit. So, parents try to avoid such things to have a same nanny for many years.