Pros and cons of student drug testing

By | July 14, 2009

Many pros and cons about student drug testing are prevailing in the society. The main purpose of using student drug testing is to prevent the students from drug abuse but to identify the students using the drugs. Students once became addicted to drugs it becomes difficult to come out of it. Pressure of studying or to increase the efficiency can force the student to drug abuse and later to drug addiction.

If school officials have any doubt about a particular student about his drug abuse, they can go for drug testing for that particular student. In early 1990’s, the students who participate in sports or athletics, on them only the student drug testing performed. Few teachers and parents call it as ineffective way to discourage the student with drug abuse. About 600 school districts use drug testing for the students. Parents should spend quality time in explaining the effects of the abuse on health and family.

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