Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

By | February 14, 2011

The treatment for marijuana addiction is in demand, as, day by day, many people are seeking for the treatment for their dependency on the drug. Addiction to marijuana becomes an ailment to mind and body. It leads to disruption of chemicals in brain and altered neurological pathways develop depending on the use of the drug. This leads to anxiety and depression when trials are made to quit. Therefore the treatment addresses body and mind changes to be effective. Treatment can be done by behavioral interventions and motivational interviewing. This includes providing motivational incentives and cognitive-behavioral therapy. As of now, there are no medications available for the treatment of marijuana addiction. However, research is being done to find the medication and reduce the intoxicating effects and prevent relapse. Education on the regarding drug is necessary part of the treatment. Many awareness programs should be conducted to educate people regarding the abuse and its fatal effects. Certain programs are conducted to avoid relapse and they include group therapy, education, social services, individual counseling and psychiatric evaluations.