Benefits of eCommerce for Sellers

By | March 25, 2011

The process of online shopping gives benefits not only for the customers but it also provides many advantages for the sellers too. Some of the benefits a seller can get from the e-Commerce are given below:

  • The main and important benefit for the sellers is it reduces the overhead costs and costs related to employing staff.
  • The sellers can also avoid cleaning, building maintenance and rental for the building.
  • The e-commerce also gives the sellers a benefit of saving printing costs and allows customers to visit the website for product pictures and descriptions.
  • With the use of the new technology the sellers can track the customers product preferences and also can know about the products in which customers are interested. It also improves the relationship with the customers.
  • Another benefit for sellers is that the products displayed on their websites may prompt people to make in store purchases.
  • It also decreases the costs associated with the advertising as the online shopping product display is done through images, links, attachments and information about the product.
  • The sellers can reach the global markets with the use of e commerce because he can display his products on the world wide web which can be accessed by the customer belonging to any country easily.The business owners can provide customized products for each customer and personalization builds goodwill and trust in the sellers.
  • The other major advantage of the e commerce is that the sellers can offer their products to the customer 24/7 increasing their reach.
  • Payments can be received through online banking, credit/debit cards, or online payment portals.

Online shopping is a perfect way of increasing the customer base for a company.