Benefits Of 2D Barcode Technology

By | March 2, 2010

2D barcode technology provide high security for applications in retail, production and manufacturing and helps business owners to run their companies without any difficulty and productively. As 2D barcode technologies are useful for asset tracking and theft prevention security systems, it increases profits. Owners and managers can easily track their products leading to very less losses and less prone to human error.

2D barcode technology must be essentially used with biometric physiological technologies in order to interpret digital data of a transformed image into a readable code, which is suitable for standard technologies. 2D barcodes utilizes the vertical dimension to insert a lot of data and save a lot of time and money in this process.

2D barcodes facilitates to identity authentication in typical applications. Driver’s licenses, and many other identification cards, which are important consists of 2D barcodes in order to make verification fast and easy. The 2D barcode on the card is very useful as it contains a large amount of data which is nearly impossible to copy on a small condensed area.

The performance and popularity of 2D barcodes has made complete industry of mobile biometric devices very essential for security purposes, which was considered impossible without 2D barcodes. In government, law enforcement and the military applications, mobile devices incorporating biometric identification authentication techniques is based on 2D barcodes to verify and transmit necessary data across considerable distances.

2D barcodes uses upper and lower case letters, numerical symbols and special characters, compressed images (some barcodes) all packed in very small compact area. The data present in this compressed format is read very quickly and easily by a digital device.

The use of 2D barcodes with biometric technologies will make a business more secure, efficient and productive. The business for devices, software and services using or implementing such technology is to grow as the requirement for increased security, efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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