Maintaining Privacy When Shopping Online

By | March 31, 2011

A wide variety of items including groceries, books, cars, diamond rings and so on are purchased these days by online shopping. The online stores require your personal information such as name, credit card details, contact number and shipping address for processing the purchase orders. However, you need to ensure that privacy is maintained when shopping online.

No legislation is found concerned with the website owners in maintaining the privacy of the customers in online shopping. So there are chances that the information is collected by the sellers is sold to other companies or affiliates. As a result you may get direct-mail marketing and spam e-mails, and other telemarketer calls frequently. In order to avoid them, make sure that you purchase from a site having privacy policy.

Online shopping website owners should provide a privacy policy. It should include the details of information that the site requires the customer to provide for the purchase processes. It should also mention how the information regarding the purchase and transactions of the customer are used by the seller. It is therefore necessary for you to read the instructions of the policy thoroughly.

Online sellers send you a confirmation e-mail providing the details of the transaction. You need to know about the privacy policy before you agree to this confirmation e-mail. This can help you know their procedures. You can also record the confirmation e-mail or final screen that appears at the end of your transaction as a proof of purchase. Maintaining privacy related issues in online shopping is much important.