SMS Advertising Versus Verbal Communication Advertising

By | April 29, 2011

SMS advertising is gaining more popularity than the other advertising media. SMS advertising is working as a more powerful advertising tool to reach the target customer. It provides widest choices for the businesses to advertise their products and discount offers to the customers. SMS advertising tool is more helpful to offer short term discount offers and discount coupons.

In these modern days many businesses are adapting SMS advertising to boost up their sales. In this generation many people are having mobile phones. Advertising through mobile phones includes verbal communication, SMS advertising, mobile internet advertising, blue tooth advertising, and MMS advertising. SMS advertising is the most successful advertising tool, when compared to the other tools like blue tooth and mobile internet advertising. While coming to verbal communication and SMS advertising, SMS advertising is better than the verbal communication.

AdserverSMS is the much preferred way of communication. SMS advertising is more discreet method than a telephonic conversation. In a telephonic conservation your customer may feel disturbed and annoyed, whereas in a SMS advertising, there is no way of getting angry and disturbed. So it is a great tool to make them aware of your existing products and newly launched products. Compared to other methods of advertising, like emails or telephonic conversation, it requires less time from the consumer and business. Therefore if you are using SMS advertising instead of email and phone call you need not to spend a lot of time in making the customer understand that what you want to say, which is sometimes disturbing to them. It is even better than the instant messaging and email, because you need not to stay much time in front of the computer.

Many ways SMS advertising is better than a telephonic conservation, because

  1. SMS is cheaper than the call cost
  2. SMS advertising do not disturb your customer at any time
  3. There is more chance for the customer to understand through SMS than through telephonic conservation, as sometimes you can not explain it in much better way
  4. There is maximum chance to reach the customer, while you are trying to reach him. But if the customer switches OFF their mobile, there is no chance to reach at that time. But, if you send SMS it gets store in SMSC ( short message service center) server, and after the customer switches ON his mobile, it gets automatically delivered.