Know about Different Birthday Cake Themes

By | June 29, 2011

Birthday is a very special day for every person. Every person love to celebrate their birthday in the most memorable way. Do you know what is so special in birthday celebrations?. It is the birthday cake. The birthday person loves the moment of cutting the birthday cake. There are so many gifts present in a birthday party, but the center of attraction is the birthday cake only.

Let us now know some of the important tips on how to choose themes of the birthday cakes. Choose a theme for the birthday cake , this will give more happiness for the birthday boys or girl. Picking of the birthday cake theme, needs one to know something special about the birthday baby . When you know something about their likes and dislikes, favorites, it will be easy to choose a birthday cake theme.

Here are few birthday cake themes. These will help you to choose the theme which is suitable for your birthday cake.

Character cake theme: If your child has any special character as his favorite, then it easy to choose theme for your child’s birthday cake. Know about their favorite character like Disney, Barbie, Harry potter and so on. Disney character cake or Barbie cakes are always popular with girls, whereas boy’s would like, bob the builder or Harry potter. After you know their favorite character then rush to the nearest toys store and buy the character toy. Bake a cake sheet and do frosting with color that match to the toy color. Keep the toy in middle of the cake. Take few cookies and place them in a desire shape to resemble the character. This type of theme cake will be appreciated by your kids and they enjoy a lot.

Princess cake theme: This theme is most suitable to girls. It is the best theme for the birthday cake of your princess. For the preparation, you need three round 8 inches cakes and a cake baked in a four to six inches bowl and a barbie doll. Cut these three cakes in a shape of dome. Then cut a 2 inch hole in the center of the each cake. Heap them on the top of each other with colored frosting of your choice to keep them together. Later place the cake baked in a way that the dome faces the top and then insert the barbie. Decorate the rest of the cake that forms dress of the doll. This cake is loved by many small cute girls who mostly have character of princesses in various stories as their favorite characters.

Sports theme cake: You may also choose sports theme for your cake, if the birthday person is crazy about sports or a sports player. Know their favorite sport and decorate the cake that resemble the sport, by including the related sports items or sports ground. For the preparation, you require a cake which should be cut into a shape of base ball or any sport item of your choice. If you want to create a ground then take a rectangular sheet cake and place net goal or hoop as well as plastic figurines to resemble spectators.

Animal cake theme: If your little one loves animals, then incorporate animal theme in their birthday cake. Know their favorite animals and decorate the cake to resemble their favorite animals. Examples, kittens, puppies, pandas, and teddy bears.

The above are the various birthday cake themes which can be selected based on your likeability.