What is the Necessity of Dental Braces?

By | June 20, 2011

Making a habit of following good oral health practices is essential. Specific dental problems arise which require dental appliances like braces to provide a better teeth structure, smile and face. There are many situations why dental braces are needed.

It is known that teeth arise from down within the jawbones that are surrounded by gums. However, for some people, they arise from the gums with right spaces at right angles, and for some people they do not. Here is the necessity of dental braces to arrange them in a right way. Some people have upper and lower jaws of different sizes. When the lower half of the jaw is too small, then the upper jaw hangs over when shut. This condition is called as an overbite. When the upper jaw is smaller than the lower jaw, it is called an underbite. These types of disorders are commonly termed as malocclusion. It creates problem for chewing and smiling. It is even difficult to brush and keep the teeth clean. It is, therefore, necessary to use braces for such people to align them properly. A better smile and face can be brought by dental braces.

Dental braces ensures good appearance of your teeth. They also help in keeping your gums, teeth and oral cavity healthy. Tooth spacing, crowding, malocclusion, misalignment and others can be corrected by dental braces. However, they have to be arranged between the ages of eight and 14 for ideal and optimal results. It is more preferable to use braces for children to adults. However, they can be used for adults also. But, the treatment takes more time for adults. This is because, adult facial bones grow no longer and certain corrections are not possible with braces alone. However, they seem to be more beneficial for children.