Know About Decorative Pillow Covers

By | June 4, 2011

Even though pillows are used for comfort while sleeping we have some special pillows like throw pillows which are used for sofas and chairs in the living room. For those pillows the pillow covers are chosen in such a way that they are more decorative and attractive. Comforts goes in to the second place in case of these pillow covers. They are decorated using different items in order to make them look special.

Let us have a look on the different decorative pillow covers which change the look of our furniture.

  • Basic pillow covers with different patterns while matching with your wall color or goes well with the theme of your painting looks special even though they are simple.
  • Decorating the pillow covers with laces and providing piping for the covers enhances its look and makes them more special.
  • Different decorative ribbons are available in the market. Get a few and start decorating your pillow cover with them.
  • You can make your own designer piece of pillow covers by mixing and stitching different designs of fabrics together. You can collect different fabrics from your t shirts towels or any thing which have a typical pattern.
  • Doing Applique work on your pillow cover is also a good idea. Select a color contrast to your pillow covers color and start searching a designed fabric in that contrast color. Once you get the fabric cut in to different shapes, hand stitch them on your pillow cover.
  • You can also paint some scenery or the themes of your wall painting to make it a perfect match to your painting.
  • Stitching some beads and mirrors to make it look more traditional and ethnic is also a best thing.

These are a few tips to make decorative pillow covers. You can get most of them from the market but still doing them with your own hands and decorating your house gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction.