Know the Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

By | July 10, 2011

Alcohol, itself contains poisonous compounds called toxins which affects our health badly. But no effects of alcoholic consumption will be seen immediately. It is something like a slow poison which affects every part of our body and can be detected only after long time. But this alcoholic poisoning is some what different from the other effects of alcohol. It generally occurs when there is an overdose of alcohol. If this poisoning is not recognized and neglected it may cause sudden death to the person suffering from alcohol poisoning.

So, let us see the symptoms and the steps to be taken when somebody is affected by alcoholic poison.

Some critical symptoms of alcohol poisoning are continuous vomiting, mental confusion, slow and irregular breathing, skin color changing in to blue, decrease in the body temperature, paleness of skin.

So, the moment you see any of the above symptoms, don’t be panic. The moment you are confident it naturally gives the patient a positive hope and helps him to do better. Just check the breathing once again if he/ she is taking less than 13 breaths per second or stops breathing for a period of more than 8 seconds rush him to the hospital. Don’t give any kind of food, liquid, medicines or any kind of drugs. Don’t try to wash his face with water or give him a cold shower. This will make him unconscious. If he is still vomiting, try to make him sit and don’t allow him to lie down.

Proper treatment given at appropriate time helps the affected person to recover quickly.