What are the Reasons for Alcohol Abuse

By | June 5, 2011

Alcohol addiction is a condition where there is a physical craving for the intake of the alcohol by an individual. When the alcohol consumption is stopped by the addicts, it causes withdrawal symptoms in the addict. Alcohol addiction largely shows effects on the health and along with it alcohol addiction also damages social relationships.

There are many factors that influences the alcohol abuse in an individual and those factors are given below:

Emotional Factors:
Generally people abuse alcohol to cope up with the emotions like depression, anxiety and stress etc. Alcohol dependency increases depression, which may start a cyclical cause and effect. People also use alcohol as a way of escapism.

Socioeconomic Factors:
Socioeconomic reasons for alcohol abuse vary. Wealthy people have sufficient resources and they also can have more access to alcohol when compared to the poor people. Within this wealthy people, alcohol abuse may also depend on the age, sex and other demo graphical factors.

Teens are particularly prone to psychosocial influences as they have social motivation to start drinking. Peer pressure is also one of the reason for initiating the alcohol.

Genes can play a role in alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction is more common in some families. If any one in the family is addicted to alcohol, the other members of the family are also at greater risk of developing alcohol addiction.

Lack of family involvement:
Lack of healthy relationships between the family members may increase the risk of addiction. Lack of parental supervision on teens also increases the risk of getting addicted to alcohol.

Environmental Factors:
Generally alcohol is available at low prices, people have easy access to the alcohol because it is available legally. These environmental factors contribute to the increase of alcohol abuse in the individuals. Prevalent drinking cultures and laws also contribute to increase in the alcohol abuse.

Above are the various factors, which can drive a person to consume alcohol.