Know About Different Types of Hotel Amenities

By | September 22, 2011

When booking a hotel, you need to consider the amenities of a hotel. Hotel amenities generally include the shops, services and supplies of a certain hotel. Different hotels have different amenities. The hotel amenities are based on the price of the hotel. A luxurious hotel can have extra amenities than the normal ones which provide basic amenities.

The basic hotel amenities include blankets, drinking glasses, ice buckets, towels and linen. However, some hotels also provide ice machines and vending machines for their guests. Mini bars, coffee makers, vials of lotions and shampoos are some other hotel amenities provided. Some cheaper hotels may also provide assorted fine soaps, slippers and fluffy robes.

With increase in luxurious nature, the amenities increase and the price also increases. Amenities like game player stations and free movie channels are present in luxurious hotels. They also include kitchenettes with refrigerator, microwave and Internet access. Some hotel owners provide food delivery for room service and it is a standard rule for hotel amenity. Also, they arrange laundry services.

Certain other hotel amenities in luxurious hotels include babysitting, dog sitting and swimming pools. Swimming pools are one of the common amenities of a luxurious hotel. If you have children, you can opt for the hotels which provide babysitting services. However, ensure that they are reliable. Ensure that you use them if they are only experienced and have first aid or CPR certifications. Even some luxurious hotels provide accommodation for the pets of their guests.

The guests are provided with shuttle buses in some hotels if the tourist place is near to the hotel. Provision of restaurants and salons is the other hotel amenity often seen. The hotel rentals, thus, offer various amenities to ensure comfort of their guests.